Transformative Impact of Online Learning upon Education

Online learning is a form of distance learning in which educational information is delivered through the internet. There are many online applications vary from simple downloadable content to a structured program. Online learning has proved to be very effective in the corporate world. Online learning is cost-effective and saves time and available 24/7 anywhere. Online learning is easy to track the progress of the course. It
offers a user-friendly and interactive interface. In the past, online learning was a friendless experience. But now, interaction is the prevailing way people behave on the web. So courses are designed to be an affable experience. 


Online Learning Changing Higher Education 


  • The world of higher education is going digital. It’s a major shift in classrooms and lecture halls but also in research, marketing and recruitment. 
  • Today’s students expect to learn and be taught using the devices that dominate the rest of their lives universities are thinking beyond just filming lectures from the back of the room and archiving them online. 
  • Teachers are seeing how to create high-quality online courses and keep students involved through online text, video, and interaction. 
  • The digital shift also affects how students prepare from class. Now, they can access resources online, instead of getting a reading list for the library.
  • Professors can ask students to do online courses together with face-to-face classes. 
  • Students will also absorb information online first, then attend classes to discuss what they’ve learned. Everything has to work on smart phones, so course design must be mobile responsive.

5 Reasons Why Online Learning is More Effective:


  • Students learn more than they do in conventional courses.
  • Preservation rates are higher with online learning.
  • Online learning requires less time speculation.
  • More frequent assessments can reduce distractions.
  • E-learning is the greener option.


Best 15 Online Learning APPS & Websites:


  • iTunes U (iOS)
  • Khan Academy (Android, iOS, Windows 8)
  • Coursera (Android, iOS)
  • Udemy (Android, iOS)
  • Lynda (Android, iOS)
  • Brightstrom (Android, iOS)
  • Howcast
  • Code Academy
  • TED (Android, iOS)
  • Big Think
  • Open Culture
  • Open Education Consortium
  • Academic Earth
  • Edx


Benefits of Online Learning: 


  • Distant students can easily avail of education.
  • There is no age boundary of learning.
  • Online learning has no geographical barrier.
  • It saves time for the learner.
  • Online learning is not expensive.
  • Students can take help and use resources anytime. It doesn’t require any infrastructure to teach students. 
  • Study students easily available to the students and learners.
  • Online learning is more effective because it is accompanied by various teaching aids.
  • Online learning is free from boring lecture methods, it includes other methods like a revelation, project methods and so on. 


Disadvantages of Online Learning


  • There is no relationship between pupil-teacher, a student has to learn alone.
  • A concept cannot be understood without the help of instruction.
  • Internet packages now days are so costly.
  • Slow internet speed is the biggest failure of online learning.
  • Classroom interaction is missing.
  • Only limited content is given on the internet.
  • Everyone is not able to run the internet.
  • Rural people/students cannot access computers.
  • Online learning requires a smartphone, which cannot be afforded by


A student might watch the video then be invited to join a discussion and asked questions about it. The educators take part in the discussion and respond to questions just like in a traditional classroom. Increasingly, you will see top universities offering whole degrees online. Some are already doing this for graduate degrees. You will also see courses being broken into sections so that students can pick the parts they need. 

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