Lumbini: A Famous Tourist Place To Visit In Nepal

Lumbini: A Famous Tourist Place To Visit In Nepal

Lumbini is know as one of the world heritage site. Lumbini is now a days one of the four main pilgriment places in Buddhism and is also an significant place of pilgrimage for those Hindus who consider the Buddha one of the many manifestation of the god Vishnu. The place is also a UNESCO world tradition site. Lumbini, where many people come to worship, visit, research and study about the life of Gautam Buddha and various other purposes.

Lumbini has a quantity of older temples, including the Mayadevi Temple and a variety of new temple, funded by Buddhist organization from various countries, have been accomplished or are still under creation. Maya monuments, monasteries and a museum, and the Lumbini worldwide Research institute are also within the holy site. Also, there is the Puskarini, or holy pond, where the Buddha’s mother took the ceremony dip prior to his nativity and where he had his first bath. At further site near Lumbini earlier Buddha’s were according to traditional born then achieved ultimate Enlightenment, power and lastly relinquished their earthly forms.

Lumbini is well-known for being the birthplace of Siddhartha Gautama, the historic Buddha, known as Buddha Shakyamuni. Situated off the major tourist track, almost 250 kilometers from Kathmandu City, Lumbini is a worthless diversion on the direction from Pokhara City to the Chitwan National Park. In this pilgrimage urban, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, there is a feeling of tranquility. Most of the peoples are Buddhist pilgrims from around the world, reviewing Buddha’s footsteps through the stations of his life. Maya Devi Temple, dedicated to Buddha’s mother, is thought to be the place where Buddha was born. It contains a primordial stone relief from the 2nd century AD depicting Buddha’s nativity.

The features of Lumbini:

The holy site of Lumbini has remains of ancient monasteries, a sacred Bodhi tree, an ancient bathing pond, the Ashoka pillar and Mayadevi Temple, where the assumed place of birth of Buddha is located. From morning to evening, pilgrims from different countries perform singing and meditation at the site.

Best Time to Visit Lumbini:

Lumbini is located in southern end of Nepal. The region experience cliche’ sub-tropical monsoon climate. Summer starts in May and ends in june. They are the hottest months of the year. Thus, it should be avoided.

Monsoon starts in june and ends in August . The climate will be peasing when compare to summer. However, travel will be tough due to muddy roads and constant shower. The finest time to visit Lumbini is from October to December. The temperature will be cool and pleasing. You can find lush flora and unique flowers at boom during this season.

April and may are also pleasing time to visit. However, the temperature could be slightly warm. December and february will be the peak winter season and the temperature can go as low as 8^(o ) degree c too. So, best time to visit Lumbini is from October to December and from April to may.

Intresting Facts About Lumbini:

1. Lumbini during the birth of Lord Buddha (623 BC) was a gorgeous garden which was commonly maintain by the Sakya of Kapilvastu and Koilya of Devadaha.

2. After the death of the Lord Buddha, the beautiful garden of Lumbini was changed into a place of pilgrimage.

3. Emperor Asoka had made a Royal Pilgrimage to the birthplace of the Buddha, Lumbini in 249 BC. He worshipped the birth-spot of the Lord Buddha and left behind many monuments to propagate the Dhamma. Emperor Asoka created the pillar with an inscription to memorialize his visit, which is now commonly known as Asoka Pillar.

4. Lumbini was been rediscovered in 1st December 1896 by Dr Fuhrer (German) & Khadga Shumsher Rana (a Nepali scholar). They found the Lumbini mound and exposed the Asoka Pillar and discovered famous inscription mentioning the Birthplace of the Sakyamuni Buddha in Lumbini.

5. In 1933-1939 General Kesher Shumsher conducted a major excavation at Lumbini. He exposed different structures by unscientific methods that resulted in the great damage to the site. He enlarged the Sakya pool with a series of steps and a brick perimeter.

6. On the occasion of the 4th General Conference of The World Fellowship of Buddhists held in Kathmandu in 1956. The participants felt the urgency of the need to restore the Sacred garden of Lumbini.

7. In 1970 the international committee for the development of Lumbini was formed in New York City. The committee awarded consultancy to design a Master plan for Lumbini to the world-renowned architect Prof. Kenzo Tange from Japan.

8. In 1997, Lumbini was listed in the list of world’s heritage sites.

9. Before he passed away in Kusinara, Lord Buddha said: “This (Lumbini) position is where the Tathagata was born, this is a position which should be visited and seen by a person having faith, devotion and mindfulness which would cause the awareness and apprehensive nature of impermanence.”

10. Today lot of pilgrims and visitors from all over the world comes to Lumbini, the timeless place where ancient monuments mark the truthfulness of the birthplace.

Some other blessed Sites of the Lord Buddha:

  • 1. Lord Buddha (Siddhartha Gautam) was natural in Lumbini.
  • 2. At the age of 29, he took the great abandonment
  • 3. At the age of 35, he was progressive in Bodhgaya
  • 4. He preach for the first time at Sarnath
  • 5. And at the age of 80, he passed away in Kusinara

Best Places to Visit in Lumbini:

  1. 1. Maya Devi Temple
  2. 2. Ashoka Pillar
  3. 3. Puskarni Pond
  4. 4. Great Lotus Stupa
  5. 5. Myanmer Golden Temple
  6. 6. Lumbini Museum
  7. 7. Sacred Garden
  8. 8. Royal Thai Buddhist monastery
  9. 9. Word peace pagoda
  10. 10. Dharma Swami Maharaja Buddha
  11. 11. Gotihawa
  12. 12. Kudan
  13. 13. The china Temple
  14. 14. Tilaurakot

Conclusion: We finished that Lumbini is the birthplace of Lord Buddha. It keeps the glorious uniqueness of Nepal and Nepalese all over the globe in the international civilization. The worried establishment should make master plan to expand and promote Lumbini.

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