Forecasted Aftermath of COVID-19 Pandemic

Forecasted-Aftermath of COVID-19 Pandemic

The world is fighting against the deadly virus, Corona. Each individual has been surviving the lockdown and it’s been more than a long time. We all are waiting for a day, that singe “Doomsday”, where each country will declare themselves infection-free from this deadly disease. And that day isn’t far where each of us will breathe in the fresh air, walk on those roads to miles up the journey.

A single infection spread brought the nation to adjust within certain alignments and create multiple virtual platforms to keep us all going.

Have you ever pondered, how that “Post corona day” will be like for all or none? Yeah! The economy has been already affected by a serious zone.

Changes in the behavioral pattern of the Global Economy

This pandemic which molded all of us to remain in lockdown has kept the situations at an alarming zone. Yes! It has shattered everything upside down.

Banks – The most challenging financial crisis will be rising in banks. People would prefer having their money in cash rather than continuing with the saving accounts in the bank. And with no ahead solution, the bank will ultimately increase the credit interest rate. This will further result in people withdrawing from the credit system resulting in banks being unable to provide reasonable loans to some.

Some emotional strands take a while to built-up again

Many of us have seen our older parents die due to this pandemic because of the low immune system. And not to dodge the fact that we could not afford to get them medical assistant as none of the nearest hospitals were prepared to fight for the COVID-19.
This situation has devastated each category of human. It might be a different impact creation for the elementary kids as they have seen such a hazard for the first time in their life. Their psychology of understanding must have raised certain questions to keep them curious all the time.

Those of our elder citizens, who may have survived World War II, but that was the judgmental stage of the war and die. They never had to think of the collection and storage of rations. The mental pressure in them has been found high as they kill themselves invisibly of not being able to provide a sustainable and better life to their off springs and forthcoming generation.

Afraid and reluctant workers

The daily wage workers who have employed in various sectors such as an entertainment industry, MNCs, etc. They are already battling day today for survival. Some of them are still reluctant to take food from the outsiders who try best to get them everyday meals. This situation has created such boredom days and nights with so much to think negatively of their survival that they are preparing themselves for their days to be near the end. Those working women are making every random possible strive to provide their children with something to eat.

Academic performances of student

Due to the span of loss of time and little syllabus coverage factors may create a disarmed situation between teachers and students. They might lose some of the learning lessons in rapid covering exams by the teacher. Even parents with more cautious about their kid’s future will further prefer to make their kids skip a year for better education understanding while some will make them skip a class to avoid the loss of the year.

Market shares of the industrial companies

Companies involved in the share zones are also been affected hard with all their shareholder not getting their part. Dividends, as well as bonds, have been causing lower outcomes.
The dangerous calling of all is the tensions between countries. “Some are lagging the confidence of trust in each other while some are trying to restrain the import-export business from the other countries. Every government has been trying to balance between the crisis of various management to minimize the chances of embarking several cases”.

To be summed up:

  • Every individual is battling with their thoughts and physical essentials.
  • Even after this upliftment of Lockdown, the poor will still be afraid to work.
  • Immigrant employees would prefer to be hired near their space than the outer far zone.
  • The tourism sector will be bearing heavy losses after the banking one.
  • There will be fluctuations amongst the central bank and commercial bank’s repo rate.
  • The sanction of loan and interest rate will still be a remote backdrop for bigger investing companies.
  • Businessperson will still be struggling even after the relaxation of rebates from banks.
Archana Gupta
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