A Comprehensive Guide to Content Marketing Strategy

A Comprehensive Guide to Content Marketing Strategy

“Content is the king”. This slogan is famous all over the internet.

Basically, content is referred to all those things which we see via newspaper, television, internet, etc in our daily life. For example -texts, images, videos, etc. Therefore, content is something out of which we either learn valuable stuff or get information from the same.

Today, traditional marketing is dying and it has become less effective to run traditional marketing. So, the solution here lies in content marketing. Especially from the last few years, content marketing has especially gained a lot of popularity. But the majority of people don’t understand what actually content marketing means. They have just neutral thought that content marketing is a different kind of advertisement.

Content Marketing = Content + Distribution

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is such a marketing technique through which valuable contents are made. These contents are shared to attract the attention of many customers to one’s company/ shop, etc. This is done in order to lure the buyer towards one’s shop by making them repetitive customers.

Those kinds of contents are shared which are regarding one’s business, describing their product. For example -if one got the business of saree then it depends on the details of their manufacturing of clothes material, they make or about purchased saree for resale under their brand name. For all these activities to take place, one has to deal with certain workings:

  1. A website must be made with the information regarding one’s business products, etc in it. One’s product must be uploaded on a daily basis and shared.
  2. One can create their YouTube channel also about the same. They can even upload their designed videos on a daily basis.
  3. If their design is liked by customers, then they will be converted into a regular buyer of your products. Hence, resulting in the promotion of one’s business too.
  4. One can even generate extra income via YouTube channel with more subscribers and viewers on their channel.

Types of Content Marketing

Let’s discuss some of the major types of content marketing:

  1. Infographic – Here, info refers to information, and the graphic is known to be a graphical method. Therefore, presenting information via the graphical method is known as infographics. It has two benefits.
  2. Web pages – A normal web page and content marketing web page has a lot more differences. If one’s web page contains right and meaningful content and is SEO (search engine optimization) optimized, then it’s a huge advantage for them as more customers will be attracted towards their website. And it also gets easily ranked and is good for one’s brand.
  3. Books/Text – One can promote their business through books or magazines and let people aware of it.
  4. Videos – As compared to texts, videos are more catchy. This happens because when a customer watches one’s product videos and gains the information about it, then they are more attracted to the products/ services. With this, the value of one’s brand rises too.

Major steps to be considered for Content Marketing Strategy

  1. At first, we need to be prepared for what our content will be on and from where is our customer. If more customers are coming from search engines, then we need to focus more on SEO. This is done because good quality and comprehensive content arrive from it.
  2. But if one feels that more customers are attracted via social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Then they can approach for more viral content. Not very informational but rather is a trendy one.
  3. The most working articles on social media is the logistical ones. Here, there is no direct search list, rather one has to search for their competitors and get an idea of contents, they are writing on.
  4. For this, various apps can be used. For example -Ahrefs, Moz, Buzzsumo. To view which of one’s content were shared the most on social media, Buzzsumo is the best as it has sharing capabilities while Ahrefs and Moz are for SEO.
  5. Writing content on own takes a lot of time, so it’s best to hire experienced and expert content writers as they know exactly what one is looking for and work accordingly. And also covers 90% of final work.
  6. After that, the task must be forwarded to the content editor, who resurrects the content and gives the feedback of suggestion or correction, if any needed. And finally, the content is ready.
  7. Then after all this, one can get SEO done of the article like adding the keywords, adding the all-text, making the content look good, formatting, and looking after all the SEO tactics.
  8. At last, getting the creation of images and adding those images and finally the publishing of the article is done.
  9. From here, the marketing team takes up the URL and promote on social media, YouTube, paid ads, etc. They make sure to reach all the relevant channels where the content audience might be.
  10. The work is finally accomplished after the tracking and analysis of the data as of what was the result of content marketing and one could convert how many customers were actually converted into a paid one. Did this effort gave a positive result or not? All this must be looked after.

Importance of Content Marketing for Business to Drive Traffic

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach to be focused on the creation and distribution of valuable, relevant, and consistent content to be attracted and retained a clearly defined audience. And it’s also ultimate to drive profitable customer action.
Here, the main thing to ponder upon is content marketing important for our business? And what if we don’t do? Will our business not be promoted then? To answer all such questions, let get deeper into its world.

Firstly, we have to understand the 4 steps of the buying cycle.

  1. Awareness – If we don’t aware people about our products/ business, then how will they buy our products? So, we need to aware people about our products.
  2. Research – If any customer wants to buy any product or has an interest in any product/ services, the 1st thing they do is, start searching on the internet about the same.
    For example;- if a customer is interested in knowing hp laptops features and wants to be aware about its pricing, then he/she will definitely start searching on the internet about the same.
    Today, researching has become one of the daily habits of the customer, without any research -any customer does not opt for buying any products.
    Therefore, if ones don’t display their product on the internet via content, how will the customer get to buy the same? How will they reach to one’s product?
  3. Consideration – Whenever any customer research for any product, it always compares it with different vendors to receive qualitative products at a reasonable price.
  4. Buying – Finally, after the above 3 steps, the 4th one enters which is buying. Here, the customer has made his mind clear and finalize about the product and hit up to the transaction.

Types of Traffic

  1. Organic Traffic – It is a traffic coming from a search engine.
  2. Direct Traffic – It is a traffic coming directly to one’s website.
  3. Paid Traffic – It is a traffic coming from media like Facebook ads, google ads, LinkedIn ads, etc.
  4. Email Marketing Traffic – It is a traffic coming from email list.
  5. Social Media Traffic – It is a traffic coming from social media, be it Facebook group, be it Facebook page, be it Twitter, etc.
  6. Referral Traffic -It is a traffic coming from any other source like a guest post on the website or like a link on any other article or maybe Reddit, etc.

Writing and creating successful content

  • One’s writing style directly affects the impact of their audience.
  • Content length must be blog post length, social post length.
  • Heading is extremely crucial. That’s why a tool like to schedule a headline optimizer is advised to use.
  • For the beautiful and powerful creation of images of content, the use of canva.com is advised.
  • One can also outsource their content creation process to the writer, text broker, etc.

Pre Promotion

It is all about finding partners. This is something that is implemented in one’s rural marketing strategy. It gives a positive result even after increasing workload. Suppose, one wants to write an article on -9 best places to visit in Africa. And also they want to write it beautifully with a comprehensive guide, beautiful graphics, and proper formatting, then they may search some famous and top number travel influencers and mention their works with their name in one’s article. And finally, after the article gets ready, they can contact those travel influencers and let them know about it and also ask them for feedback. The primary and professional way to contact any person is via email id. Not all of them, but surprisingly few will do revert back. The travel influencers might even share or publish one’s article on their website if they like. All this is possible when one does pre-promotion. This will also result in creating good bonds with influencer and one will be on their radar, and also get good credibility, if the influencer shares their content. This is something that could be incorporated and for the email outreach, one can also use the software like Ninjaoutreach.

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